Ransomware - BEWARE!
The Ukash/Moneypak 'police' virus is rearing its ugly head again. This time it has mutated in an attempt stop the removal of the infection.

What looks like a demand from the Policía Nacional is a trap to get you to pay a substantial 'fine' to avoid arrest & prosecution. The demand usually alleges that you have illicit material on your computer, and hopes that this will shock you into parting with money. Sadly if you do, your card details are at risk of further exploitation, so please do not attempt to pay this demand. Payment does not necessarily remove this infection either, so you could be paying twice to have your computer back up and running.

"If the Policía Nacional really were interested in you they would be knocking on your door, not asking for money!!"

But there is good news .....
The Policía Nacional released a statement yesterday, saying they have arrested two foreign nationals in Madrid. The 'thieves' were netting in excess of 10,000€ a day from home users and employees who paid up to 'save their jobs' - fearing that their employers would sack them if discovered.

Be careful when attempting to remove this infection. You could lose some or all of your data if you try to do a restoration or factory reset.

We can guarantee safe removal of this infection without the loss of any data, and can install measures to help prevent further infection, and to secure your computer from future attack by viruses and malware.

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