A very annoying Virus - BEWARE
The frequent occurrence of the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia 'virus' on client computers is becoming a bit of a worry, especially as the majority of infected users are using WindowsXP. Unfortunately this 'virus' will not let you boot up in 'Safe Mode', so it is virtually impossible for the average user to remove this fake 'virus'

Whatever you do, do not attempt to pay the ransom fee for your alleged 'misdemeanour'. If you have, contact your Bank immediately to stop the transaction, and to cancel your card.
Some victims have reported several transactions taking place over a period of time once the fraudsters have your account details.

Why do I write 'virus' ... well, quite simply it is not a virus. It is an executable file or in some cases a JavaScript file which takes over your desktop, often disabling your keyboard and stopping you opening Task Manager or any other programs.

What do I do if I have it?
  • First, uplug your router, disable WiFi, or in the case of a wired connection to your computer, unplug the cable.
  • Second, call us, especially if you are on WindowsXP. Using someone who does not know how to remove this infection often results in losing the contents of your Hard Drive (photos, music, documents etc.).
We have experience of this kind of infection, and can safely remove it, and in 99.9% of cases, you will not lose any files.

But there's a picture of me on the page!
The script within the executable file can access your webcam, but be assured no photo leaves your computer. It can also show your IP Address, computers Operating System and MAC address, details of your location and service provider, and more. This information does not get sent to the fraudsters unless you do click to pay!

How did it get on my computer?
Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily only get this infection from looking at adult or illegal content, though in most cases we have seen, it does seem to be more prevalent on Adult sites. You can also get infected by clicking n a link in unsolicited email, so always be very careful about clicking links in eMails, especially if they came from someone you don't know.

Below are a few 'screen captures' of what the 'viruses' looks like

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