GetOnline España is an established, legal small business specialising in Web Development and Computer repair.

We are based near Pinoso in the heart of rural Spain, and cover all areas of Alicante & Murcia provinces.

Computer Repairs
Upgrades, re-installation of programs and operating systems are our speciality. Acquisition of new laptops, desktops, RAM upgrades, replacement, external or 2nd HDD storage and components by arrangement.

The biggest problem in Spain is the heat combined with dust. It 'kills' many laptops very quickly. Clogged fans need to be cleaned regularly for optimum performance.

If you can't make it to our weekly clinic, we can do house calls 7 days a week. Please call us for details.

We are registered Microsoft Partners (Partner ID:2872735)


For all your website needs; whether you need a simple website of only a few pages, or a much larger, dynamic website, please call us for a no obligation quotation.

Because every Designer and Developer has niche skills, there is no such thing as the best Web Design Company - it is more a case of choosing the Web Design Company that's best for you!

GoDaddy - why you should NEVER use them ......

For almost 10 years we have hosted client websites with GoDaddy, but since Bob Parsons sold out to a bunch of investors who know NOTHING about domains or hosting (only about advertising and making huge profits) the service level has dropped to well below what should be acceptable in todays' day and age.

Many clients have lost business, had irreparable damage done to their reputations and business goals and instead received poor, or a total lack of support from this global company.

As developers it is frustrating to be berated and belittled by idiots on customer service telephones who are scripted and believe everyone is a monkey and knows nothing about the service GoDaddy offers. WRONG! You cannot get hold of anyone other than these numptees (who I believe are paid to ensure that you can't escalate issues) to sort out issues.

We have lost valuable clients as a DIRECT result of GoDaddy

I have spent over 100 hours repairing the damage to one client's web presence in the past 10 days. It may take me a lifetime, but I intend to make GoDaddy pay for my time and frustrations. So too does my client - who we have had to move to new hosts and effectively pay double to receive the service we paid GoDaddy for.

It is about time there was a way for big business to be accountable for malpractice - because that is what I believe GoDaddy are doing.

CEO Blake Irving seems to spend more time on the Golf course than behind his desk. Come on Blake, isn't it time GoDaddy sorted itself out?

PLESK has a problem - get rid of it - go back to cPanel (oh yeah, you said cPanel isn't for Windows servers .... what a load of BULLSHIT ..........

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